It is almost a century that the Vespa brand has been successfully operating in the sector of bakery. Founded in 1911, the company has been able to continually innovate and improve, to become a reality long-standing business within this sector.

The Vespa brand is in fact over the years become synonymous with reliability, but also quality.

Although Vespa is a consolidated reality, the goal is to assure competence, professionalism and reliability above all through its products. In the manufacture of molds and baking pans, the company has always stood for the choice of materials to use.

The aluminum molds coated with nonstick material ensures fast cooking, genuine and above all consistent. The choice of aluminum as material for production and non-stick coating, improved over the years, now represent the strengths of the company that continuously seeks to provide the best and to ensure the quality of its offer.

That is why the Vespa products become an important reference point not only for customers but also for other companies in the sector and seeking to reproduce, without success, quality Vespa.

The company's products are also distinguished by their shapes and lines, carefully designed to always interpret the needs of the market or those who love cooking in general.

Love and tradition: these are precisely the factors that make for years Vespa unique and successful, as well as your kitchen!

Love and tradition: the factors that make for years and only winning Vespa
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